Nonprofit Day

Nonprofit Day is a unique opportunity for area organizations to produce short public service messages about the important services they provide to the community, at little or no cost to the organization.  Each year, we accept twelve organizations to participate in a 3-month community service project that results in a professionally created public service announcement for each organization, all produced in a single day!

In the months leading up to Nonprofit Day, with the guidance of a professional producer, each organization will write a script, develop a production plan and assemble source material for their PSA.  On Non-profit Day, AIM production staff will shoot and edit your PSA in about an hour. The announcement will be distributed to the Arlington Community via our local cable channels and can also be copied and distributed to other area television stations or used on the organization's website and social media outlets.

Organizations served by the most recent Nonprofit Day:


Arlington Committee of 100 
Arlington Community Foundation 
Arlington Food Assistance Center
Arlington Free Clinic
Arlington Thrive
Offender Aid and Restoration
Our Task
Reading Connection