Video Programs


Programming at Arlington Independent Media is comprised of productions facilitated through AIM members as well as incorporated from other independent producers. All content utilizing AIM facilities and equipment is considered to be in-house, while all other programming is regarded as outside. Click on the link "About Programming" to learn more. This list is subject to change as programs are rotated in between their schedules of production. Any and all updates will occur within a ten day period as noted above. Visit this page to stay informed about AIM's most current content providers. Watch our programming on Comcast channel 69 or Verizon channel 38 in Arlington, Virginia, or streaming live on our homepage.


A.I.M. Shorts

From field and studio class production projects to individual short films completed by our producers, these videos encompass a diverse array of content through various scopes of storytelling mechanisms.

Africa's Vision Network

Produced by Gloria Fleming, this program presents and discusses issues pertaining to the African-American community. Witness an assortment of interviews delving into aspects of history and heritage, social awareness, and cultural reflection.

A.I.M. After School Program

Produced by Nathan Bynum, fellow AIM Staffer. From the wild creativity Arlington's youth attending local elementary schools, these short films are a series of imaginative stories written and directed by the students themselves.


Animal Issues

A documentary program that reviews archived reality footage exposing horrible mistreatment of animals throughout the United States and the movements striving resolve them.


The aniMagic Lantern Animations

From writer/animator, Job Van Zuijlen, entertain yourself through the computer-animated visuals depicted through this series of mystery and action-packed narratives.


Arlington Committee of 100

The Committee of 100 has been Arlington's principal forum for citizen education in public affairs since its founding in 1954. The monthly dinner meetings provide an informative setting in which issues of local, regional, and state interest are discussed in an atmosphere that promotes communication over conflict.


A Seat at the Table

Produced by Craig Syphax and hosted by Krysta Jones, this is a talk show program featuring guests who represent various local organizations and discusses their community engagement while concentrating on the methods involved in doing so.


The B-Side

Meet some of the musicians of Arlington County. Produced by Kevin Sampson and moderated by Carol Campbell, this is a program delving into the stories and influences of these local artists, and includes samples of live performances recorded in AIM's television studio.


Bookman's Corner

Produced by Charles Goolsby and hosted by Lois Lindstrom, an assortment of prominent authors sojourn at the table and discuss their content of their novels as well as the development that led to their inception.


Born Too Late

Written and produced by Heff Munson, this is a silent movie, 1916-style, but set in present day.  The villain and his henchmen will attempt to tie a helpless damsel to the nearby railroad tracks, but there’s a catch: they’re not there not there anymore.


Brethren Voices

Produced by Ed Groff, this program originates from the Church of the Brethren Community Television and features interviews engaging notable figures active in the local community services.


Catholic Life

Produced and hosted by Dr. John Buckreis, this program invites and interviews people who are doing good things for others in the community. From doctors to priests, nuns to teachers, anyone seeking to make a helpful difference are welcomed to convey their experiences.


Clarendon Day Performances

Each year, working with the Clarendon Alliance, AIM covers the live musical performances at the Clarendon Day festival.  Listen to great music from a prominent lineup of artistic talent.


D Beat

Produced and hosted by Darnell Bell, this program features interviews and performances by musicians followed by explorations into their inspirations and endeavors.


DC's Got Talent

Produced by Myrna Sparks and Ricardo Bailey, this is a program that interviews local artists and entrepreneurs throughout the Washington D.C. area.


Democracy Now!

Democracy Now! is a national, daily, independent, award-winning news program hosted by journalists Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez that seeks to provide access to people and perspectives rarely heard in the U.S. corporate-sponsored media.


D-Life TV

Produced by Sussan Yekta, this is a program focused on how Persians have adapted to living in the United States and how they are sharing their culture with American life.  It also shines a spotlight on Persian traditions that can be passed down to the new generation of Iranian Americans.


DMV Filmmakers

Hosted and produced by Kevin Sampson, this program features interviews with local filmmakers in the DMV area, providing a sharper scope into their production experiences and artistic perspectives.


Document Arlington Project

The Document Arlington Project is an annual six-week documentary production internship for Arlington high school students that was established between AIM and the Humanities Project. Each group is required to produce two documentaries focused on any topic relevant to Arlington County.


Don Hammond's Arlington Weekly News 

Produced by Heff Munson, AWN is your local news spot for community announcements and current events throughout Arlington County. 


EZ Street TV Show

EZ Street is a radio personality from local station 93.9 WKYS taking his activism and community engagement to the cable network airwaves.  Follow local discussions about topics such as conflict mediation and the importance of education, as well as interviews with local musical artists and public leaders.


Fantastic Forum

Produced by Ulysses Campbell, this is a segmented program focused on comics, science fiction, fantasy, and their related multimedia. Throughout each portion, you can observe panel discussionw, interviews with industry insiders, toy and game profiles, parodies, event coverage, and many special features.


Fashion Notes

Olga Jevtich is a fashion designer, an active member of US Fashion International, and winner of 2003 Ms. Virginia Senior America. She produces and hosts this program that showcases present-day fashion trends and interviews with other designers, artists in the DC metropolitan area.


Fast Forward

Produced and hosted by a team of talented AIM members, this is a monthly series about science fiction, fantasy, and horror. This program has been in production since 1989, featuring in-depth interviews with top professionals and fans, book and media reviews, special reports, convention news, and much more!


Finding the Missing Middle

Produced by Kate Dorrell, this three-part mini series takes a look at potential solutions to providing more affordable housing for persons in Arlington earning middle-range income through new designs for multifamily units in single-family neighborhoods.


Freedom Village

Produced and hosted by Vincent Brown, this program showcases hip-hop, funk, and reggae performances proceeded by dialogues with the artists themselves.


Gardening News and Views

Produced by Dr. John Buckreis, this program is an exploration into the gardening world; examining topics from beautiful flowers and shrubs to issues concerning insects and diseases. Featuring interviews with various experts on these subjects.


GMU TeleCourses

These are segments from George Mason University Television that include educational, promotional, and community outreach programming with subjects delving into topics such as science and technology, the liberal arts, and others.


Good News

Produced and hosted by Adjoa Akyeampong, this program discusses the Christian gospel in a simplified form.


Green TV

Green TV tells truths no other show will. Watch Green TV for folks you won't see anywhere else: Greens and Independents.

High School Sports

Produced by Michael Shea, a wide array of sports games from local Arlington high schools receive professional coverage and commentary.  From tennis to field hockey, gymnastics to cross country, baseball to soccer, each sport in the county gets its chance in the spotlight.


In Case You Missed It

Produced by Michael Shea, this program documents events and panel discussions regarding social issues and developments taking place within Arlington County.


International Investor

Produced and hosted by Robert Sherretta, this award-winning program provides an overview of the economic development of nations, the growth and complexities of international markets, and the inherent risks and potential rewards among them for investors.


Late Night Filler

Produced and hosted by Heff Munson, this program is a compilation of musical pieces, animations, and comedy videos all developed and performed by Mr. Munson himself.


The Laugh Track 

Produced and hosted by Michael Shea, this is a comedy show with live performances, sit-down monologues, sketches, and other diversions.


Metro Focus

Produced by WMATA, this program provides a new resource for viewers to learn about metro transit services, development, business partnerships, travel, entertainment, and outreach initiatives. Other segments include guest interviews and infrastructure projects.


Media Watch on Hunger and Poverty

Produced and hosted by Bill Shickler, this is a program that engages activism against the corrosive social plagues leading to hunger and poverty domestically and throughout the world.


Mongolian TV

Produced by Sarantuya Tsedevsuren, this program stems from a weekly television magazine consisting of 3-5 different programs containing live interviews, community news, and cultural exploration.


Opera Nova Winter Concert

Opera NOVA is a non-profit organization that seeks to promote and foster the understanding of opera and its constituent arts throughout the community. This is their winter concert presented on January 26th, 2017 at the Our Saviors Lutheran Church, featuring excerpts from “Treemonisha”.


Passion For Truth

Produced by M.S. Chawla, this is a political panel discussion program touching upon various topics relative to present-day concerns.


Perils For Pedestrians

Produced and hosted by John Z. Wetmore, this program examines problems confronting pedestrians in various communities and evaluates solutions to those issues from across the United States and around the world.


Perspectives of Interfaith

Produced and hosted by Zarinah Shakir, this program seeks to dispel the myths and stereotypes of various faith traditions through dialogue and discussion with the practitioners of these very faiths; ones of which include Abrahamic, Non-Abrahamic, and other Earth traditions.


Picture Lock

Produced and hosted by Kevin Sampson, this program encompasses film reviews, discussion panels, analyses of various filmmaking components, as well as interviews with local filmmakers and critics active in the DMV film scene.


Policy Matters

Produced by Michael Shea, this program is compiled of interviews with and commentaries by activists, policy experts and government officials on economy, education, and environment issues.


Punjabi Community Hour

Produced by M.S. Chawla, this program features inspirational music performances and hymns recited and contemplated by Punjabi Sikh Gurus from a local Gurdwara.


Rick Dash Presents

Produced and hosted by Rick Napper, this is a musical entertainment program, featuring guests and performances from local and upcoming artists spanning across a wide array of creative genres.


Rosebud Films

These are the many films that have been showcased at AIM’s Rosebud Film Festival.


Senior Living Alexandria

Produced by MaryAnne Beatty, this is a talk show program containing interviews and discussions exploring services and applications available for senior citizens in Alexandria, Virginia.


The Square Circle

Produced by James Kidd, this program hosts a weekly panel discussion that openly reviews and debates significant current events occurring in domestic and international policy.


Supa TV

Produced and hosted by Tim Howard, a.k.a Ur Hero Supa Tim, this program features a variety of pieces that include musical performances, stand-up comedy, conversations about politics, events, and social issues, and much more thought-provoking discussions raised with a roster of notable guests.


Tea With Mali

Produced and hosted by Mali Phonpadith, this is a talk show program that highlights everyday people living extraordinary lives.


Telepathic TV

Produced and hosted by R. Neville Johnson and Mary Phelan, this program discusses and explores concepts pertaining to metaphysical studies. Every episode seeks to bring you to the forefront of new consciousness, to enlighten and empower, so you can bring more light into your own life.


Tilahun Gessesse

Produced and hosted by Mesfin Bezu, this program focuses on the music, drama, comedy, religion, and education of Ethiopia; featuring community news and information from local venues and abroad.


Turkish American Hour

Produced by Hurriet Ok, this program seeks to inform and educate about Turkish life, art, and culture. A second half-hour segment follows with more news and programs about personalities, businesses, and events in the Turkish-American community.



Produced by Uranchimeg Brangan, this is a Mongolian television program that includes pieces from news casting, public interests and events, as well as entertainment.


Vietnamese TV

An hour-long segment produced by Phillips Nguyen, this is a weekly program that features news and current affairs for the Vietnamese community of Northern Virginia. A half-hour segment follows, produced by Bui Duong Liem, staging a talk show program that showcases various aspects of Vietnamese culture and life by interviewing prominent local leaders, scientists, musicians, priests, social workers, and more.


Word and Spirit Encounter

Produced by Adjoa Akyeampong, this is a program that documents various scripture readings from local reverends examining the Christian gospel.


Workshops Consortium Live

Produced by Dale Hancock and Ken Briley, this is a dramatic reenactment program features two parts: “Lila Excerpts” and “Shining Moments”, both of which are set during the depression era with themes of family survival.


Youth Can Change the World

Produced and hosted by Nathan Bynum, this program features interviews with young guests who are embarking on community activism and media advocacy ventures striving to positively change the world locally and throughout.