Crew Volunteers

Becoming a volunteer with AIM is easy! All volunteers must be current members and complete the Introduction to Community Media workshop. After completing this course, members are welcome to volunteer for productions in non-technical capacities such as performing administrative tasks, production assistance, set design and building, styling, etc.

If you are interested in volunteering on productions in technical capacities, you must first become certified to operate AIM equipment. Certification is earned by completing our basic production classes and there are different types of certification:

Premiere Pro certifies you to use AIM's editing facilities
Field Production certifies you to operate AIM's portable video, audio, and lighting equipment
Studio Production certifies you to operate equipment in AIM's three-camera HD production studio
Basic Audio Production certifies you to use AIM's audio production suite
On-Air Radio Broadcast certifies you to engineer programs for AIM's radio studio
Mobile Flypack certifies you to operate AIM's multi-camera portable production unit
Digital Cinema Production certifies you to shoot with AIM's Canon C300 digital cinema camera

Volunteers earn credit hours for their time. Members can use accumulated hours to substantially reduce usage fees for their own productions.

All members are added to the volunteer list after becoming certified. This list receives email notices about programs looking for volunteers. If you are a certified member with a specific interest in volunteering, please contact our production staff and let us know what type of opportunities you're looking for.