Hammond Award Recipients

Sherri Thompson, 2014

Sherri Thompson has been voted AIM’s Producer of the Year for 2014. She is CEO of Viola’s Babygirl’s Ventures and Creator and Executive Producer of Beyond the Lyrics.

Always passionate about music, Sherri began producing Beyond the Lyrics after she joined AIM in 2012. Her program highlights emerging indie artists based in the DMV area who come from a wide range of professions, from singer-songwriters to producers and entertainers. It mixes together artists’ live studio performances and music videos with interviews, a basic conversational format between the host and a guest. In one very memorable episode, Sherri had music idol Dionne Warwick call in live to speak with guest Kenny Wesley. Global Music TV Network, a family-friendly music television show, picked up Beyond the Lyrics.

Asked about her inspiration for the show, Sherri explains: “I know how I feel about [the artists], about their craft, their talent, but I want everybody else to see what it is I see in them, too. I wanted to be able to give them more of a different platform to expose some of their gifts.”

The business she founded, Viola’s Babygirl’s Ventures, also supports up-and-coming talent. Launched in June 2008 as an entertainment agency, it represents independent artists of various musical genres crossed with film and television. The company crafts campaigns for clients, helping them flourish in different aspects of their careers.

Sherri grew up surrounded by music thanks to her family, including classical compositions while she did household chores. Now she has the pleasure of seeing the talents and gifts of emergent artists become a reality through her productions. Originally from a writing background, Sherri says that what she finds most rewarding is watching ideas begin on paper, then come to life before the camera. She says her goal is to “get better and better. I’m new to this so I’ve got a long way to go!”

To see an interview with Sherri about Beyond the Lyrics and her background, visit our YouTube channel.

Edie Meyers, 2013

In 2013, Edie Meyers was chosen as Producer of the Year for her continued success with the program Star Crash. In production for almost 20 years, Star Crash is a women's science fiction narrative series. Edie marshals the talents of a large cast and crew, and oversees a complex post-production process to produce this ambitious series.