WERA Spark Club Members

Your on-going donations help WERA buy and maintain equipment, hire and train staff, promote the station and its programs, and pay for music licensing and software updates. Though AIM is the home of WERA, the radio station stands on it own financially. This is only made possible by your generous support. Make your contribution here.

Contribute at least $100 and join the WERA “Spark Club.”

Spark Club Members

Karen Akerson
Diane Allan
John Andelin
Cheryl Beversdorf
Jim Bloch
Ken Briley
William Calder
Erin Crawley
Doretha Dixon
John Duran
Maribeth Egan
Mary Fantucchio
Paul Fiddick
Hilary Freer
Bruce Gilbert
Joseph Gueron
Grace Holden
Janet Irwin
Olga Jevtich
Tato Joelson
Clara Kelly
Gene Kreider
Kenneth Kukovich
Larz LaComa
Nickolaus Leggett
Wendy Mann
John Marston
Martha Newman
Erik Pages
Rob Parrish
Cameron Pippitt
John Richardson
Andrew Rosenberg
Jackie Steven
Thomas Wallace
David Wiederkehr