WERA Founder's Club

Arlington businesses and organizations can now take advantage of the opportunity to be a partner in community radio by becoming an underwriter. WERA is seeking forward-looking leaders who want to be part of our dynamic and popular station – the thing that all of Arlington is talking about.

As an underwriter of WERA programming, your business or organization will be recognized for the key role it plays in bringing local radio to a potential audience of more than 700,000 people. Your contributions will be recognized multiple times throughout the program day and all of Arlington will know how much you value this community and how much you support the idea of local, independent media produced by and for Arlingtonians. Find out more about becoming an underwriter.

The Founder’s Club

The following businesses are the members of the WERA Founder’s Club. They each contributed a significant amount of money to get the station built and off the ground.

Gary Thayer - $5,000
"Promoting Innovation and Excellence in Community Radio"

MainStreet Bank - $5,000
"Growing Communities and Helping Customers Achieve Their Goals"
1000 N Highland Street; Arlington, VA 22201
(703) 481-4567

Rust Insurance - $2,500
“Have Trust in Rust”
1510 H Street, NW; Washington, DC 20005
(202) 776-5000

Cardinal Construction - $2,500
“Quality Commercial and Residential Construction”
P.O. Box 7623; Arlington, VA 22207
(703) 351-1200

Arte Modus - $2,500
“Quality Design at Home and Work”
1054 31st Street, NW, Suite 009; Washington, DC 20007
(202) 333- 4161

BlochHouse Media LLC Audio - $2,500
(703) 349-3987