Arlington Independent Media partners with many area businesses, nonprofits and other organizations to create projects that reflect, engage and inspire our community. We provide training, equipment and the means to produce multi-media content that delivers their unique voice and vision. Video content is distributed to the Arlington Community via our cable channels and website, and many of our partners use content created at AIM to further distribute their messages via their own websites, video programs and social media outlets.

Local nonprofit organizations can join AIM as an Organization Member to train and create their own content, or apply for our Nonprofit Day, a program that produces free public service announcements tailored to their needs. At a time when non-profits find themselves under greater pressure to provide more services to more clients for less money, a resource for inexpensive, but highly professional, media content production and distribution can make all the difference. The area’s businesses partner with AIM by sponsoring programs or blocks of programs in return for recognition on our cable channels and website.  

We’re always looking for new opportunities to partner with local businesses, nonprofits and other organizations. Contact us and let’s get started!