Behind the Scenes at Summer Camp

This summer we held two sessions of Video Production Camp for youth ages 9-13 and each of them was a blast! Session One ended on July 3rd with the premiere of "Mitchell," a short film about a chronically disorganized student. We interviewed campers about their experience in making the short film, and what it was like to take a production from start to finish.

First Day of Camp

Today is the first day of our Youth Video Production Camp! Over the course of the next week and a half, participants ages 9 to 14 will learn to use AIM’s field cameras, microphones and lights, and will use them to transform a script into a short movie.

Featured Program: Rick Dash Presents

Meet Dash. Rick Dash. The longtime producer and host of Rick Dash Presents, a program on Arlington Independent Media featuring live musical performances. A musician himself, Rick is committed to showcasing talented musicians from many different genres. We caught up with Rick and his frequent director, Marcus Wolf, to talk about two of the most recent episodes.

Impressive Work from AIM Crew

Over the years I've been volunteering and producing at AIM, I keep getting more impressed. When AIM pulled off full coverage of "Operation Ceasefire" on the Mall in 2005, I was blown away by the job all the volunteers did, and proud to be part of it. When we did all the field production for six comedy shorts with six crews in less than 24 hours in 2009, I was amazed at how the volunteers rose to the occasion.