On-Line Workshops

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Arlington Independent Media is offering a full slate of on-line media production workshops starting in September. Classes in Radio BroadcastingIntroduction to Community MediaBasic Video EditingVideo for Smartphones and TabletsHome Audio Recording with Audacity, and Producing with Zoom are designed to teach the skills producers need to create both video and audio content from home.  





Radio Broadcasting


This course explores the basics of creating radio programs for WERA 96.7FM. FCC regulations regarding broadcasting, WERA Policy, program planning, and production workflow are among the areas covered in this fast-paced class. This workshop is required to produce a program on WERA. 
Class Fee - $60.00



Introduction to Community Media


Introduction to Community Media focuses on the basics of media literacy as well as the rights and responsibilities of a community media producer. A significant portion of the workshop is devoted to AIM history, procedures, and programming guidelines. This workshop is an important first step in producing content and is a prerequisite for use of AIM production equipment and facilities.
Class Fee - $20.00


Video For Smartphones and Tablets


Learn to shoot impactful videos using just your smart phone, iPad, or tablet computer. This two-session (4 hour) on-line workshop will teach participants to create videos quickly. Production planning, choosing the right equipment and software, shot composition, lighting, audio, and directing talent are among the areas covered in this fast-paced workshop.  
Class Fee - $60.00


Basic Video Editing
This two-session (4-hour) on-line course teaches the basics of post-production workflow, technical standards, editing styles and theories, as well as a basic introduction to the DaVinci Resolve 16 editing application.  DaVinci Resolve is an innovative video editing solution, available for free, from Black Magic Design. 



Home Recording with Aduacity
This two-session (4-hour) on-line course teaches the basics of recording and editing audio in Audacity - the free and open source digital audio production tool.  Overview of the software, setup and configuration, recording tracks, importing audio, basic editing and file output are among the areas covered in this fun and practical class. 
Class Fee - $ 60.00

 Section G - Tuesdays, November 10 & 17, 2020 - 7:00PM - 9:00PM



Producing Content with Zoom
This single 2-hour on-line workshop will focus on producing content while maintaining safe social distance.  We will review options and best practices for producing quality audio and video content using Zoom conferencing software, along with other low or no cost on-line services, and your computer or phone. 
Class Fee - $30.00