Frequently Asked Questions



I already have a program produced. How do I bring it to AIM?

AIM membership is required to air programming at AIM. Secondly, you must have taken our Introduction to Community Media workshop.

If you are an Arlington County resident, you may submit your programs in digital format and immediately discuss the scheduling process with our Content Coordinator.

If you are not an Arlington County resident, you have to find an AIM member who is a resident and have them agree to sponsor your program. In addition to acting as your sponsor, this member must have already taken our Introduction to Community Media workshop.  


How do I get volunteers?

Once you complete a Program Information Form, your production is entered into a database. Depending on your production needs, you will be sent a contact sheet with a list of volunteers certified in the facilities and equipment necessary. Using the contact information provided, as the producer, you will recruit volunteers to come help on your production. 


I’m interested in volunteering. What do I do? 

You can only volunteer for productions you are certified to help with. The more workshops you become certified in, the more variety of productions you can volunteer for. When your schedule permits, contact us immediately and we’ll try to find a production for you as soon as possible. So long as your membership is active, you will remain on volunteer lists sent out to our producers.


I have production experience already. Do I have to go through training?

Yes.  While we greatly value your experience and welcome its contribution, it is important that all members experience the standard learning process that elaborates how our equipment and facilities are used specifically. Training also certifies you for production and volunteer opportunities.


How do I rent equipment?

All equipment and facilities usage requires a specific certification. Depending on the credentials you earn, that will determine the equipment and facilities you can rent. Once certified, producers can visit AIM or call us at 703-524-2388 to make rental reservations.  

A Program Information Form must be submitted before primary reservations are made. Your rentals will correlate with the productions you are working on. Only one Program Information Form is needed per project. 


Can I use AIM equipment for commercial purposes?

Not under the privileges of your membership. All usage of AIM equipment and facilities for non-membership purposes will be qualified as commercial rentals and will be subject to commercial rates?

All content produced using AIM equipment or facilities must first air on AIM channels before being viewed on other platforms.



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