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The Rosebud Film Festival features 34 moving films in three days, from January 26-28, 2018. Screenings will be shown in themed blocks, focusing on profiles, portraits, and relationships. Tickets can be purchased at $15 per block, or purchased at $40 for an All Access Weekend Pass. All film screenings will be held at the Miracle Theater in DC.

Then join us Sunday afternoon at Arlington Independent Media for two free panels on filmmaking: "Student Filmmaking: From the Classroom to the Real World!" and "What Critics Look For?". Later in the evening, attend the awards ceremony at Clarendon Ballroom where awards will be given for Best of Show, Best DMV Film, and the Top 5 winners who each receive $1,000.

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Friday, January 26, 2018, 7:15pm - 11:00pm - Film Screenings
Saturday, January 27, 2018, 8:15am - 1:20pm - Film Screenings

Saturday, January 27, 2018, 7:30pm - 11:07pm - Film Screenings
Sunday, January 28, 2018, 11:30am - Panel 1
Sunday, January 28, 2018, 1:30pm - Panel 2
Sunday, January 28, 2018, 7:00pm - Awards Ceremony

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Friday Night Screenings

"Profiles: Innovative Stories, Polarizing People"

Doors open at 6:45pm and films begin at 7:15pm
Miracle Theater, 535 8th St SE; Washington, DC 20003
Cost: $15

Silence Please!

Salvador Lleo

After a long and tiresome journey over treacherous roads, all our exhausted traveler desires is a good night sleep but it turns out that the elegant and peculiar house he is staying in has other plans for him.

7:15 PM


Daniel Hamby &
Graham Uhelski

An illegal hunter finds a mysterious abandoned train tunnel; when he enters he find himself falling into a repetitive nightmare.

7:27 PM

A Time Before

Zhibo Lai

The masked secrets of a newlywed couple are revealed through the lens of time. A one-take film of cause and effect.

7:36 PM

Inner Glow

Joseph Park

Trapped in the depths of dark clouds, a lone girl whose ability to manipulate light has become diminished until she confronts her clone. This evokes self-belief that allows her to access power beyond her imagination.

7:48 PM

Trump's Got No Tact

Callison Slater

A lifeless puppet and a creepy dummy enter a talent show. No one wins.

8:00 PM



8:00 PM


Laetitia Jacquart
& JP Dobrin

A ballet soloist gets ready to dance.

8:15 PM

The Importance of Finding the Other

Marcey Frutchey

"The Importance of Finding the Other" is the story of a young, biracial girl named Iris who sets out to discover what it means to be an "other." Along her way, she encounters a pair of immigrants, a homeless veteran, and a transgender female who all bring some piece of the definition to light.

8:19 PM

The Sandman

Lauren Knapp

A doctor walks the line of his own morality as he participates in executions, while personally opposing capital punishment.

8:29 PM


Katie Sheridan

Four young guys from Washington, D.C. make up the band The Unknowns. Completely unknown in the music industry, they are taking their future into their own hands, performing full scale 'pop-up concerts' at metro stations and public spaces that stop traffic and gather huge crowds. They have each given up jobs and school to focus on spreading their talent and spreading the love. With the help of social media, their live performances have gained fans across the country. The are just waiting for their big break.

8:48 PM


Mary Lou Belli

In a tribute to his brother's military service in Iraq, Tim takes his brother's ashes to NY to the 9/11 Memorial. The journey ends in a lesson in racial profiling when he shares his evening with his middle-eastern Air-BnB host, Abdul.

8:55 PM



9:05 PM

Corridor Four

Stephen Tringali

Corridor Four follows K9 unit officer Isaac Ho'opi'i and his colleagues in the first-ever look at how the Pentagon handled mental health care after the September 11th terrorist attacks.

9:20 PM



10:40 PM


11:00 PM

 Saturday Morning Screenings 

"Intimate Portraits: Deeply Personal Stories That Resonate"

Doors open at 8:15am and films begin at 8:45am
Miracle Theater, 535 8th St SE; Washington, DC 20003
Cost: $15

Zyara - Season two

Muriel Aboulrouss

Zyara is a web series that aims to paint cinematic, poetic portraits of people, engraving a part of their soul, some of their stories, and most of all their emotions, in 5 minutes. Zyara is an award-winning doc Web series created in Lebanon with the hope to create a ripple of love in the world. In its second season, Zyara chooses to highlight Lebanese people with physical challenges. People who succeeded in transcending their disability and kept going for the love of life.

8:45 AM

A Name That I Admire

Sam Smartt

A seventh-generation dairy farmer in southwest Virginia casts his presidential ballot for an unlikely candidate.

8:50 AM

Sans Chlorophyll

Phil Davis

Experimental animated choreography with autumn leaves.

8:56 AM

Silent Sentinel

Joe Dzikiewicz

“Silent Sentinel” tells the true story of the night in 1917 when women’s suffrage activist Doris Stevens crept by night through a graveyard to speak with National Woman’s Party leader Alice Paul.  Paul was being held under brutal conditions in Washington’s District Jail for the crime of demanding that women be allowed to vote. 

8:59 AM


Jeannie Donohoe

A new kid shows up at the high school boys' basketball tryouts and instantly makes an impression. Will talent and drive be enough to make the team once they discover a secret?

9:10 AM


Ryan Beard, Ceci Becker, Alexander Gaither & Stephen Gentry

This film tells the story of a policeman making what seems to be a fairly routine arrest. However, he soon learns that this criminal has information on a mistake he made early in his career with the police and is prepared to use that to get revenge.

9:25 AM

These Colors Don't Run

Via Bia

A tattooed woman who hides behind eyeliner and an attitude tells the story of her first ink. Will she drop the act and reveal something real? (Shot on film!)

9:35 AM

Behind the Woods and Across the Sea

Douglas Phillips

Born Onufry Filipovich in the Russian Empire, Owen Phillips came to America alone, with nothing, at the age of 16. The 20 million immigrants who, like him, arrived in America a century ago fueled the astonishing economic growth that transformed the United States from an economic backwater into the world’s leading economy. But today, as the United States averages a million legal immigrants a year and debate over immigration rages, the immigrants of a century ago are no longer here to answer our questions. Did they, as one recent paper claims, have it easy compared with today’s newcomers? Or did they face similar challenges and set an example in how they met them? Through Owen’s experience, documented in oral history recordings of Owen and interviews with people who knew him, we find at least some answers. And we learn, from a visit to Owen’s home village in the Republic of Belarus, the surprising story of what happened to the brothers and sisters he left behind, revealing what it meant for him to have come to America.

9:45 AM




10:05 AM

Free Advice with Adam Chernick

Antony Beilinsohn

Each week on "Free Advice", 11-year-old stand-up comedian Adam Chernick helps conflicted and confused adults solve their real world problems using just his humor, honesty, and heart.

10:20 AM

Dreams of Giverny

Alice Pennefather

Dreams of Giverny is a modern-day ghost story told through the poetic use of classical ballet, set in the gardens and around the water lily pond of Claude Monet's home in Giverny, France.

10:25 AM

The Accompanying Dancers


Maryline, an elderly woman, receives a nurse and a young man in her room. She shows them photos of dance and scores, especially the photo of a friend who, in her youth, created dances to accompany--in their last moments--people at the end of life. The elderly woman, a former gymnast, dancer, and choreographer, describes her story to a nurse in the form of dynamic and melancholic choreographies, in which the memories of her old loves mingle with her past shows.

10:33 AM

Episode 3 of Footprints in the Sand: "Inside Lear"

Jeffrey Johnson

Footprints in the Sand is a comedic Web series chronicling the misadventures of an inept Brooklyn theatre company as they attempt to stage a production of King Lear and achieve internet stardom.

10:53 AM

She's Got Grit

Dara Padwo-Audick

She’s Got Grit is an innovative video series about female athletes with disabilities who compete at the highest levels. Created and produced by an award-winning production team that wants to change the perception of disability in our culture, She's Got Grit is entertaining, provocative, honest, informative, and unique. Some episodes profile the life, training, support networks, and philosophy of an individual athlete. Others feature an honest discussion about what it means to live with and compete with a disability in our culture. Their journeys are not easy, but they are triumphant! What does it mean to embrace your power and live it every day? What does it take to be an authentic female leader? It takes heart. It takes soul. It takes grit!

11:01 AM


Zohar Melinek Ezra
& Afek Testa Launer

Spectrums is a new Israeli documentary series that follows the social, political, and spiritual world of 10 members of the transgender community in Israel.

11:05 AM

Molasses & Lemon

Robert Sickels

Images and ideas associated with falling in love abound in popular culture. Happy couples hold hands and look at each other longingly while walking carefree along the beach. Hearts, diamonds, and flowers. Romance and passion. Chocolate and cherubs. Conversely, we associate heartbreak with all things bad. Darkness, depression, and despair. A solitary figure trudges silently in the rain without a jacket, soaked and despondent. A person in pajamas with tear-stained cheeks sits alone on a bed. This cultural iconography surrounding love and heartbreak is widely prevalent. But reality often belies the stereotype. As the interviews in Molasses & Lemon vividly reveal, the ways people talk about their experiences with love and heartbreak are often eerily and intimately related. Could it be that we simply can’t have one without the other? Love. Heartbreak. Does it even matter?

11:20 AM

God of Hell

Dave Perry

What does the Father of Lies do in his downtime? Does Beelzebub get lonely? How does the Prince of Darkness handle boredom?

11:24 AM




11:30 AM


Melanie Mayron

When a grandmother's secret past collides with her granddaughter's secret future and her daughter's angry present, can the love of three generations be enough to accept decades of deceit? With a simple roll of film it begins. Set in the present with flashbacks to the early 1960s, Snapshots brings together the matriarch Rose (Piper Laurie), her daughter Patty (Brooke Adams), granddaughter Allison (Emily Baldoni), Shannon Collis as Young Rose and Max Adler as her husband Joe, Emily Goss as Louise and her husband Zee played by Brett Dier.

11:45 AM




1:00 PM


1:20 PM

Saturday Night Screenings

"Relationships: What Would You Do for a Loved One?

Doors open at 7:30pm and films begin at 8:00pm
Miracle Theater, 535 8th St SE; Washington, DC 20003
Cost: $15

Leaving Malcolm

Lucas Ruderman

After taking in his father for hospice care, Malcolm "Mac" Peters is reminded of his childhood neglect. Out of disdain for his father, Mac tries to be a better father for his son but finds himself in an uncomfortably similar situation. Oliver now feeling similarly to his father when he was young, has found an unlikely friend in his attempt to find his own happiness. It will take Oliver's genuine heart and the wisdom of his unlikely imaginary friend to show Mac what being a father is really about.

8:00 PM


Phoebe Barker

A teenage boy learns a better way to manage the things in life weighing him down.

8:33 PM

Last Night in Town

Anja Paul

While setting up to host a party, an elderly man is confronted by his wife about his alleged infidelity and threatens to leave him, but despite his pleas and apologies, it may be one too many things to forgive and forget.

8:41 PM


Chad Eric Smith

A heartbroken man travels into the past for a second chance at a failed relationship.

8:54 PM

Aimee Short Film

Lee Whittaker

AIMEE is a social awareness film bringing to light the silent epidemic of child sex trafficking happening in the United States through the provoking power of storytelling. Together we can increase awareness and save our children from this tragic form of modern slavery.

Returning from Afghanistan, Jessica, a Spec OPS Marine, finds herself in a war she never imagined and discovers middle America suburbia has changed when her 13-year-old sister, Aimee, is abducted by sex traffickers.

9:07 PM




9:17 PM

The Last of the Manson Girls

Lonnie Martin

Convinced there's more to the Manson murders than meets the public eye, counterculture journalist Paul Krassner embarks on an LSD-tinged investigation of the last of Manson's disciples: Brenda McCann, Sandra Good, and Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme. What he finds could change how the world sees the 60s... if he lives long enough to tell the story.

9:35 PM




10:47 PM


11:07 PM

Sunday Panel 1 Presented by the Virginia Film Office

"Student Filmmaking: From the Classroom to the Real World!"

Rosebud film festival reel strip

Is film school for me? How do you transition from the classroom to the real world? Come hear from professionals who have done it. This panel will feature a mixture of film school professors and former Rosebud winners who have continued making feature films post-graduation. The discussion is not just for students, but indie filmmakers who want to improve themselves in the collaborative craft.


Professor Giovanna Chesler, Director, Film & Video Studies at GMU
Professor Leena Jayaswal, Director of the Photography Concentration, Film and Media Arts, SOC at American University
Writer/Director Henry Leeker (Rosebud Finalist)
Writer/Director Harold Jackson III (Rosebud Finalist)

Doors open at 11:30am and panel begins at 12pm
Arlington Independent Media, 2701-C Wilson Blvd; Arlington, VA 22201
Cost: Free

RSVP Required - Click "Purchase Tickets" Below

Sunday Panel 2 Presented by the Virginia Film Office

"What Critics Look For?"

Ever wonder what makes critics think a film is a masterpiece or garbage? This panel will give insights as to what professional film critics look for as they analyze movies. Our panelists will give tips as to how the indie filmmaker can do well with critics. Q&A to follow.


Tim Gordon, President, Washington DC Area Film Critics Association
Mae Abdulbaki, Founder, Movies with Mae
Cynthia Fuchs, Film & TV Editor, Pop Matters
Michael Parsons, Film Critic, DC Filmdom

Doors open at 1:30pm and panel begin at 2:00pm
Arlington Independent Media, 2701-C Wilson Blvd; Arlington, VA 22201
Cost: Free

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Sunday Awards Ceremony

Awards will be distributed for Best of Show, Best DMV Film, and the Top 5 nominees.

Doors open at 7:00pm
Clarendon Ballroom, 3185 Wilson Blvd; Arlington, VA 22201
Cost: Free

No RSVP Required - Open to the Public


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