Public Relations and Marketing Essentials

Whether you are an artist, filmmaker, small business owner, or nonprofit leader, it is essential to understand PR and marketing, and how to develop the right plan to get the attention you want. In this 6-week course you will learn how to identify and engage your audience and even more importantly, how to get them to pay attention to what you are doing. By the end of this workshop you will understand the basics of establishing strong, clear messaging that speaks to your intended audience, creates media interest, and turns your weaknesses into strengths.

About the Instructors:

Kendra Rubinfeld is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University's Masters in Communications Program with concentrations in Corporate and Nonprofit Communication. Through her PR and marketing firm, KRPR, she has worked with clients ranging from producers, entrepreneurs, physicians, musicians, nonprofits, and filmmakers and has taught at American University School of Communication. Her interest in PR began with the Our City Film Festival, which she started in 2008 as an outreach program for a local nonprofit. Utilizing her press relations and event management skills, she witnessed how public relations made her idea a reality. With a background in community activism, her passion for relationship building and bringing people together is evident in all of the projects on which she works. 

Travis Hare first realized his passion for public relations while booking shows and building a substantial following for his college rock band. He honed his craft for writing at the University of Kansas with a degree in English and Creative Writing. Before joining KRPR, Travis worked as a freelance journalist, building a deep understanding of how media can be utilized by businesses and entrepreneurs to build their brand. Since joining he has garnered local and national press for filmmakers, artists, business and non-profit clients, and had the deep satisfaction of seeing how strong messaging and creative strategies can help artists and small businesses succeed.