Rosebud: Great directors have to start somewhere....

What do Orson Welles and Arlington Independent Media have in common?

In a word: Rosebud!*

The Rosebud Film Festival is upon us once more. Now in its 27th year, mark January 26-28 on your calendar.

There are a few changes in store for 2018! Thirty-four independent films will be shown instead of the usual 20.

Also, the festival has recognized and awarded some of the best in regionally produced films and video (which includes DC, Maryland, and Virginia) since 1990. But this year, Rosebud has expanded to entries outside of the DMV, whilst still managing a “Best DMV Film" award. So submissions poured in from across the globe!

There are special screenings beginning Friday night at DC’s Miracle Theatre, and running through Saturday at the same location.

On Sunday, the Rosebud will feature 2 panels: Student Filmmaking: From the Classroom to the Real World!, followed by What Critics Look For?. The panels are at 12:00 pm and 2 pm, with doors opening one-half hour before. These panels will be held at the Arlingtion Independent Media facility in Arlington.

An awards ceremony, where prizes will be distributed, will commence Sunday evening at Clarendon Ballroom (across from the Clarendon Metro Station, the Orange and Silver Lines). Doors to the ceremony open at 7 pm. So you can eat at one of the nearby restaurants before heading into Clarendon Ballroom! Drinks can be purchased at the bar.

*Now, as to why is the film festival named Rosebud… 

Well, I was not living in the area in 1990, when it was first conceived, so I can only guess: Rosebud was the name printed on the sled in Citizen Kane. It was also the last word uttered by Charles Foster Kane on his deathbed. In movie lore, it is said to represent innocence and the pure creativity of childhood. What do you think?

I am grateful the name on the sled was not Flexible Flyer - then the film festival might be known by a different name!

We hope to see you at the Rosebud Film Festival. So come out, support independent filmmaking and who knows - you might see the work of the next Orson Welles!

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By Randi Cohen