And Now a Word from Our Sponsors

AIM runs on the energy of volunteerism. So potent is this force, there ought to be a unit of power to describe it—like “horsepower”—but if such a word exists, I’m not familiar with it.

There are at least two other critical energizers in the mix as well: underwriters and sponsors. Without these important contributors, much of what is happening on “Radio Arlington” would not be possible. You can’t overstate the significance of local businesses investing in community media. They see the value it contributes to the community—and they’re willing to put their money behind it. We are grateful!

Billy Simons, president of Rust Insurance (, WERA’s very first corporate underwriter, couldn’t be more clear about the value he sees in his investment: “AIM and WERA are an important part of Arlington’s voice and identity by giving those that live in the community the tools to show their creativity. They help to keep Arlington a ‘small town’ while reaching out to a much larger audience. Where else can you find such a range of content and tools/classes to allow yourself to create what wouldn’t otherwise be possible?”

He’s not alone. Ken Berquist of The Hamilton, DC (, says, "Local independent radio is essential to a musically and culturally diverse arts scene, so thank you for the work that you do and the service you provide for your listeners. We are very honored to be able to support Antidote and a number of other great programs on WERA."

It doesn’t take much. For a fraction of what businesses spend on advertising and promotion, businesses, nonprofits and individuals can make a meaningful investment in locally produced, locally relevant independent media. For more information about options and rates, visit

Kate McCauley, principal and founder of the Center for Parents and Teens (, writes, “AIM reminds us all about what is the best in Arlington. We support Choose to Be Curious because it is a show that supports our belief that keeping our minds and our hearts open is what helps us remain connected.”

What more can you ask of local media than that it keeps us connected? As Simons says, “Great team, product, and friends! As a local business owner, I want to do all that I can to keep great programs like this going!”

To our current underwriters and sponsors, as well as all you future contributors, thank you!

—Lynn Borton