Arlington Community Access Corporation ([ACAC], dba Arlington Independent Media [AIM]) is a nonprofit membership organization and community media center in Arlington, Virginia.  AIM's annual meeting of members will be held Sunday, October 24, 2021.


Members who are residents of Arlington will elect AIM Board Members at the Annual Meeting. The board of directors guides the actions of the organization, sets long-term policy direction, and establishes strategic goals and objectives.


The AIM Board is divided into three groups so that not all board members are up for election on the same year. This year AIM members will elect SIX individuals to the AIM Board, FOUR from Group 1, whose terms will all end in 2024; ONE from Group 2, whose term will end in 2023; and ONE from Group 3, whose term will end in 2022. Terms will be assigned based on votes received by each candidate; those with the most votes will serve the longer terms.






As we chart the future course of our organization, Arlington Community Access Corporation / Arlington Independent Media (AIM) seeks board candidates dedicated to using various media in telling the diverse stories of our neighbors and the place we call home.


Whether your talents lie in idea generation, partnership, or the day-to-day work of communicating the value of AIM throughout our community, we need your help. 


We hope you'll consider joining us in our mission of raising all voices to express and reflect the rich diversity of our community. As with many non-profit boards, membership on the AIM Board entails gently steering the organization in ways that will optimize fundraising opportunities, as well as a commitment to leading conversations with potential funders and others to develop those opportunities. 


To become an AIM Board candidate complete the nomination form, provide a brief bio (and resume, if you would like), and start thinking of ideas for how we can take this organization to the next level. Candidates need not have extensive history in community media — only an interest in our mission.




The Board is comprised of 14 members, 11 of whom are elected by AIM members for staggered three-year terms. Three Board members are appointed by Arlington County. This year, AIM Members will elect six Board members.




Board members must be current AIM members and either residents of Arlington County or be the sole designated representative of an Arlington business or organization.  ElectedBoard members are limited to two consecutive terms.



The Board oversees the fiscal affairs and management of AIM – money, programs and services. The Board ensures that the organization’s resources are directed toward its purposes. Board members must exhibit qualities of judgment, patience, fairness, and conciliation to facilitate Board deliberations with Members and others whom AIM serves.

The Board meets at least quarterly; in addition, Board members participate on a variety of committees that meet as needed and attend an annual Board retreat. AIM is seeking candidates with experience in one or more of the following general categories:




Whereas in the past, we have set a goal for individual fundraising, we've decided to replace the individual fundraising requirement with a group goal of raising $10,000 in the year ahead.  We believe that this collaborative approach to fundraising will be more effective in recognizing the various ways that each of us can contribute to the cause of supporting independent media in our community. These efforts can include many different ways to be engaged:design and conduct of fundraising campaigns and events; contacts within the community or ties to potential funding individuals and organizations; public speaking and presentations.


Organization Management


Fiscal stewardship, budget analysis and oversight; personnel, including human resource management and staff compensation; real estate and property management.


Media Production/Distribution


Television and radio production and distribution; related hardware and/or software; new media; industry experience or expertise, FCC regulations and compliance.


Contacts with Other Organizations and Deep Ties to the Community


Business and/or non-profit leadership experience; previous board service; strategic community relationships.




Candidates may self-nominate, or be nominated by others. Additional information and a nomination form can be found here.  Submit nomination form and supplemental information to Josette Souza, Secretary, Arlington Independent Media, 2701-C Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, VA 22201 or via email at Nomination materials must be received by AIM no later than September 9, 2021.






The Producers’ Representative serves as a two-way conduit between AIM producers and the AIM Board. The Producers’ Rep sits in on all Board meetings as a non-voting member, bringing forward producer concerns and reporting back Board actions.


Members will elect the Producers’ Rep at the Annual Meeting. The Producers’ Rep is elected for a one-year term. Unlike Board elections, there is not a formal nomination process – nominations may be made “from the floor” at the Annual Meeting.


A capable and responsive Producers’ Rep is a critical member of the Arlington Community Access Corporation / Arlington Independent Media leadership team and an important player in the success of the organization. The ideal Producers’ Rep has good connections within the AIM producer community and/or is willing and able to invest time and energy in getting to know AIM producers better. Good communications skills help keep information flowing. An ability to think strategically about producers’ needs and interests help inform Board discussion and decision-making.





Producers’ Reps must be current AIM members and involved in producing video and/or audio content at AIM.



The Producers’ Rep provides regular reports to the Board, participates in all Board activities and discussion as a non-voting member, and reports back to AIM producers on Board actions.

The Board meets at least quarterly; in addition, Board members and the Producers’ Rep participate on a variety of committees that meet as needed and attend an annual Board retreat.



Candidates for Producers’ Rep may self-nominate, or be nominated by others. Nominations will be taken at the Annual Meeting, “from the floor.” If you are interested in serving at the Producers’ Rep – or believe you know someone who would do a good job in this important role – please contact  or (703) 524-2388 - we can put you in touch with previous Producers’ Reps to discuss the role further.