Sample Letter to County Board to Stop AIM Budget Cuts

Sample Letter to the Arlington County Board

Dear Members of the Arlington County Board (or, alternately: Dear Ms. Cristol):

1.      Briefly explain why you are writing.

I’m writing today to express my support for Arlington Independent Media and WERA 96.7 FM and to urge you to restore full funding to AIM.

2.      Write a sentence or two explaining your connection to the organization, e.g.

I produce a (radio or television) show called ------ each week at AIM’s facility and air it on (AIM TV or WERA). I also volunteer every week on two other shows as a camera operator or audio engineer and I’ve taken all of the basic media training offered at AIM. 

3.      Write a sentence or two explaining how your show serves your community, e.g.

My program provides information for a group of people who otherwise would not have access to it and use it to improve their lives – or; my program provides entertainment to a local community that shares an interest in (genre, style, culture, art, etc.). I provide an important service to this community by voluntarily producing content that they find valuable.

4.      Refer to a talking point or two if you want, but don’t try to include them all. Pick the ones that you feel most strongly about, e.g.

On the front page of Arlington’s website you claim, “Civic engagement is at the heart of Arlington.” I wonder if you realize that AIM provides a direct way for Arlington residents to engage with their friends, neighbors, community and government. Furthermore, Arlington Economic Development boasts that Arlington is the “intersection of technology, culture and diversity.” That could easily be AIM’s motto as our members represent dozens of cultures and ethnic groups and use technology to create and celebrate culture and diversity.

5.      Reiterate why you’re writing and what action you want them to take.

In conclusion, I want to again urge you to restore AIM’s full funding so that I can continue to serve my community by providing them with the information and entertainment that they want and need.

6.      Offer to be available for any questions or requests for more information and sign “sincerely.”

You can address your email to the county board as a whole or to individual members of the board, but please don’t send the same letter to individual members. The mailing address for the county board is:

Arlington County Board

2100 Clarendon Boulevard

Arlington, Virginia 22201

The email address for the entire board is:

The email addresses for individual members are:

Board Chair, Katie Cristol:                         

Board Vice-Chair, Christian Dorsey           

Board Member, Libby Garvey                    

Board Member, Erik Gutshall                     

Board Member, John Vihstadt