About the AIM Board of Directors

Arlington Independent Media, under its official name Arlington Community Access Corporation (ACAC), is governed by a board of directors which oversees its actions and fiscal affairs, sets long-term policy direction, and establishes strategic goals and objectives. The board ensures that the resources of AIM are directed toward the purposes of ACAC, which are to provide the public with access to media in order that they may express themselves and promote the production, distribution, and viewing of television programs for public access channel 69 on the Comcast cable television network and 38 on the Verizon cable system.

The board represents the members of AIM, the Arlington County Board, and Comcast. The board is composed of eleven directors elected by AIM members, three directors appointed by the Arlington County Board, one representative of Comcast and one representative of Verizon.  Board terms last for three years and board members are limited to two consecutive terms.  Directors serve on several standing committees: Administrative, Facilities, Finance, External Communications, Public Policy and Development.

Board of Directors:


Lori Messing McGarry, President
Claire Seaton, Vice-President
Anshia Crooms, Secretary
Demian Perry, Treasurer
Kate Dorrell, At-Large
Mike Angeloni
Chanda Choun
Mary Cliff
Matt Rogers
James Thorne
Zakiya Worthey


To contact the board of directors, send an email to bod@arlingtonmedia.org.