2021 AIM Board Candidates


All nominations for the Arlington Community Access Corporation’s board of directors have been received. This year, we received SEVEN nominations for SIX open seats. New directors will be elected by voting members (AIM members who are residents of Arlington) at the Annual Meeting of Members on Sunday, October 24, 2021. 


Although only AIM members who are residents of Arlington can vote in the Board election, all members are invited and encouraged to attend the AIM Annual Meeting of members on Sunday, October 24th.  More information can be found here



(presented in alphabetical order)




Hello! I am Mr. Chanda Choun (pronounced CHAHN-duh CHOON), a resident of the historic, diverse Buckingham neighborhood of Arlington County, Virginia near the Ballston Metro Station and work as a senior business manager and technology professional in both the public and private sectors. I am also a part-time Army Reserve soldier with over 15 years of service. My community involvement stretches across the County from civic associations to faith ministries to business groups to service organizations.

And for the past 3 years, I have served you on the Arlington Independent Media Board of Directors. We adapted and navigated through a challenging budget environment, changes in leadership, and crises that the current world has never seen.

So what do I want to do for another term helping lead Arlington Independent Media? My board service can be summed up again in three missions: Revenue Generation, Organization Management, and Media Production/Distribution.

Revenue Generation is #1. We need more money. My goals are to find new revenue streams, grow existing lines, and thus ultimately sustain and grow AIM operations.

Organization Management is #2. I am currently part of the new Executive Director Search Committee and am critically working to find a great, permanent leader for AIM.

Media Production/Distribution is #3.  Media content and delivery continue to rapidly evolve locally and globally. My dream is that AIM is part of that evolution.

Serving on the Arlington Independent Media Board of Directors would be a continued honor. Arlington and its leaders need to elevate our profile, our people, and our values throughout the County and beyond.






Greeting’s my name is Anshia Briclyn Crooms and I aspire to serve on the 2021-2022 AIM Board. I’ve been a resident of Arlington, VA since 2017 and I reside at 4220 Campbell Avenue, Arlington, VA 22206. I am the CEO / Founder of Briclyn Entertainment Group, LLC., which is a Boutique Booking and Events Agency specializing in Talent Booking, Talent Buying and Event Programming. Briclyn’s roster includes GRAMMY Nominated Artist Eric Roberson, Singer Songwriter / Emcee Maimouna Youssef aka Mumu Fresh, PJ Morton, Kevin Ross and more. 

Over the last 14 years, I have generated work in major arenas, produced The Language of Love Music Festival sponsored by Toyota and secured contracts at Bowie State University. Since Briclyn’s inception I’ve booked clients at legendary music venues and festivals domestically and internationally. Such venues and festivals have been Black Girls Rock, City Winery DC, AFROPUNK, The National Museum of African American Music, The Jazz Café in London, UK, The Howard Theatre, The Kennedy Center, Detroit Symphony Orchestra, New Jersey Performing Arts Center, Winter Park Music Fest, and the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans. In 2018, I created “Crush Your Craft” with my business partner Tiffany Taylor which is a workshop series that features creative individuals and entrepreneurs within the Entertainment Industry, such as Film, Music and Marketing. 

I am the Co-Founder of Project Hygiene, Inc, a 501(c)3 Non-Profit organization established to support underprivileged youth ages 10-18 by encouraging enhanced health and wellness practices while denouncing bullying by donating toiletries and hosting engaging programs.  

When I am not booking clients or producing events you can find me volunteering my time with the DC GRAMMY Chapter of the Recording Academy where I serve as the 2021- 2022 Executive Board Secretary, DEI Ambassador, and Co-Chair to the Music Business Committee. I also serve as a Board Member to Creative Nomads, LTD and I am a member of Delta Sigma Theta, Sorority, Inc. 

I truly believe in producing results, being a resource, helping raise funds for organizations that are in alignment with my purpose and cultivating great talent and infuses helping others along the way. With my experience, I believe that I would be a great asset to the Arlington, VA community and to the Aim Board. My goal in this role is to always advocate and be a resource to local entertainment creators and community leaders.  


I firmly believe that by working together, we can continue to make progress right here in Arlington, VA. Thank you for your time, thank you for your vote and I look forward to serving on the 2021-2022 AIM Board.


PDF icon Resume available here. 





I’ve been an Arlington resident for 35 years—and a proud and enthusiastic member of AIM since 2013, when I joined to learn about video production. Retired from a 3-decade federal career as a writer/editor and publications designer, I had been working parttime for Arlington’s nonprofit Alliance for Housing Solutions and was eager to add other-than-print options to my communications repertoire. After Jackie’s video production class provided a kickstart, I recruited a volunteer crew (some, recent classmates) to produce several episodes of a pilot production for another AIM member, and later produced my first conference video for AHS on Missing-Middle Housing.

I haven’t yet found my media “voice” at AIM, but I am hooked on volunteering. At first, it was behind a camera for other members’ productions—to get more practice and confidence in my media skills while learning by watching experienced producers, directors, and crew members in action. Covering the front desk once a week for the past few years gave me an overview of membership activity, and monitoring facility sign-ins and compiling facility-use data led me to redesign AIM’s FY2019 annual report to clearly display all that AIM had accomplished that year. After doing AIM outreach at County Fair and other events, the writer/pubs designer in me now wants to develop new handouts for future events, tailor the website to help market our training and production resources to potential members and community partners, and provide printable listener and viewer guides to more handily publicize AIM-TV and WERA offerings.

Though my fundraising experience is limited, I am game to add grant-writing. And I believe there is income to be found—in charging closer to what AIM is worth (following a review of membership and facilities fees), in broader member recruitment (in new neighborhoods and among nonprofit organizational partners), and in encouraging sustaining memberships.

My board experience is what I have been privileged to get this past year—attending, providing input, but not voting—as Producers’ Rep at AIM Board meetings: in-depth understanding of the background and deliberations on critical issues for AIM, from budget and future vision to location and covid/reopening.

For me, AIM is first and foremost about ­community—both within the organization, as members share ideas, experience, and kudos and volunteer on each other’s productions, and outside, as volunteer producers cover, air, and widely share the work of local nonprofits, musicians, artists, neighborhoods, businesses, special events, and government. I look forward eagerly to enabling a lot more Arlington residents to experience learning and working in the AIM community and, through AIM productions, to understand and appreciate more of their larger Arlington community.





Hello AIM! 


I’m Claire Seaton, a freelance filmmaker and photographer committed to telling stories with empathy. AIM is the reason I’m able to do what I do today: I learned how to make films under Jackie Steven’s direction in the 2014 Document Arlington Project. I taught the summer filmmaking camps in 2017 and 2018 with Nathan Bynum, and throughout 2019 I staffed the front desk, helping members troubleshoot their projects and making sure the studios were ready to go. Over the past seven years as I’ve grown as a filmmaker, I’ve made a point to teach and serve others along the way. That’s why I would be honored to serve the amazing producers, teachers, and staff at AIM as a member of the Board. 

Storytelling is absolutely necessary for fostering a strong community. My family moved to Arlington 14 years ago because it’s a place where the world comes together, but frankly, that doesn’t happen easily. In order for all of us to call our neighbors friends, we need empathy and respect. We get that when we are invested in each other’s stories, and that’s the whole point of community media, isn’t it? I want to help make AIM a place where people of all ages, backgrounds, and beliefs can come learn how to tell their stories. How do we get there? 


Well, first we need to hire an Executive Director and make sure AIM is here to stay, with all the financial and administrative undertakings that entails. Once we get there, I’ll use my experience in video production to modernize AIM’s filmmaking offerings and attract more young creative professionals. As a freelancer, I’m only as good as the last video in my portfolio, and I need to stay on top of industry standards for production and equipment. AIM can do the same in a sustainable way— there’s no need to get the latest ARRI 8K camera with anamorphic lenses and….. did your eyes glaze over? Me too. Camera gear is an expensive investment, especially for folks new to the industry, and AIM’s model helps remove the barriers to entry for young entrepreneurs like myself. I’m passionate about helping mission-driven organizations tell their stories, and AIM stands in a unique place to connect filmmakers and community organizations. All we need to do is fan the flame. 


My three years of experience in communications for a journalism and education nonprofit is another asset I can bring to AIM’s Board. I know how to communicate with funders and audience members alike, and I’m fired up about building trust in journalism. AIM does a great job of unpacking media literacy and turning consumers of media into producers. I think part of being a responsible citizen today is knowing how to tell the difference between misinformation and fact-checked news, and I want AIM to be a force for good in that arena. 


I hope you’ll consider me for a position on the Board of Directors. I promise to listen to the needs of AIM members, and do my best to help this organization serve the Arlington community well. 


PDF icon Resume available here





Hello all, I'm Josette, a member of AIM since the minute I arrived to the DMV area and now currently serving on the AIM board as secretary. I always like to say that AIM has been one of the biggest parts of my life since moving to Arlington from Colorado back in 2017 – I even picked my first apartment because it was within walking distance to AIM!

I joined the board in February of this year and have had a blast working with everyone on all the fun stuff we do: moving logistics, hiring committees, fundraising, admin work, strategic planning, etc. As someone who came to AIM with almost zero media skills and has now hosted and co-produced a year-long pandemic radio show, created dozens of short videos, and volunteered hundreds of hours on other folks' projects, I know the impact AIM can have on anyone with an open heart and mind. It is my mission to serve AIM in whatever capacity I can and help guide it to the robust future I know is possible for it.


PDF icon Resume available here.






Media Experience and Background:

Dr. James D. (Jim) Thorne is an Arlington resident who has created, hosted and produced a public- access TV series for elementary science students called “Space Quest with Dr. Jim” at Fairfax Public Access, where he is fully certified as a producer. The Space Quest series has been shown by AIM, FPA, and many other cable stations for a total of 52(!) PEG stations across the country, and it won a Silver People’s Telly Award in 2020.

Jim holds a PhD in Astronautical Engineering, and is also a performing singer-songwriter (www.jimthornemusic.com) for the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum in support of early education programs about space science and history. He is also a member of a local folk band, Shenandoah Run, that performs in the DMV area. Jim has his own band called The Moondiggers, for fundraising concerts at the Arlington David M. Brown Planetarium.

Prior Board and Leadership Experience:

-        Elected Member and Conference Session Chair for the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) Astrodynamics Technical Committee (currently serving)

-        Elected Member and Committee Chair of the Army-Navy Country Club Board of Governors

-        Elected Member and Secretary of the Songwriters’ Association of Washington BOD

-        Vice President of the Albuquerque Concert Band, a 70-piece community instrumental group - Vice President of the Dayton Area Radio-control Thermal Soarers (DARTS), a model aircraft hobby group near Wright-Patterson AFB

Goals as a Member of the AIM Board of Directors:

- Preservation of the ability to produce community TV and Radio for Arlington residents - Exploration of options to expand production and distribution opportunities for AIM.